Dating recovering addict Bexhill sex chat rooms

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Dating recovering addict

Go to family meetings and learn a bit more about how others are coping with the same relationship.

Don’t allow an addict in Recovery to manipulate you.

he obviously didnt work a program when he quit and was very much in denial that he even had a problem.

we broke up because of his drinking and drugs, and so he promised to quit, as i was much more important to him that any of that.

In that time he completed his bachelor's degree and is currently working full time while applying to grad schools.

that became more and more until it became obvious to me that he had a problem.

he still had active addict friends, dealers, and people he enjoyed drinking and taking acid with.

Addicts come with much baggage like debt, legal issues and broken families.

Communication regarding these issues are important and you need to set healthy boundaries for yourself too.

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