Error validating nbdb backup russian women and dating

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Note: Before performing a consistency check, stop The Nb Db Admin GUI will load up and ask for the database password.

Delete the database files in the data directory, including Start the Sybase ASA server by running the following command: UNIX:(in a BASH shell) source /usr/openv/db/vxdbms_/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbdbms_start_stop start Windows (NBU 6. Re-create an empty database by running the command below that corresponds to your Net Backup version and OS: UNIX (Net Backup 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0): /usr/openv/db/bin/create_nbdb Windows (Net Backup 6.0 installed in default C:\Program Files directory): \Net Backup\bin\create_nbdb NOTE: This step creates a temporary database in the default location.If the nbdb_move command was used to relocate Net Backup database files, re-create the directories where the files were located at the time of the catalog backup.The default location is: UNIX: /usr/openv/db/data Windows: \Net Backup DB\data 10.DOCUMENTATION: How to create a blank Net Backup NBDB database for the recovery of the Net Backup NBDB database from an online catalog backup in case of corruption or failure.If the Net Backup NBDB database does not start, use the following method to create a blank database for catalog recovery.

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I followed the steps to re create the file using these stepshttps://

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