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Free adult chat no memberships

We don't talk about how to score drugs in TJ and we do not set anyone up to have sex in Tijuana.

We only talk about legal activities in all these countries and never discuss activies about anyone under 18.

We are one of the very few sites whose primary focus is TJ and have many posts and archived info on all aspects of Tijuana with many photos and posts from our members. Learn all about our Memberships and Discussion Board.

The info on Juan's Tijuana is for informational purposes only.

We will tell you about all the Tijuana strip clubs including Peanuts and Beer, Purple Rain and Amnesia and about the wild women that work there. We'll detail all food options from getting a simple hotdog wrapped in bacon (a TJ specialty), a delicious taco or a fancy meal. We detail all the local massage places including Azteca, Spa Clasico (formerly Executive) and many others.

We'll even give you a personal Tijuana tour as a Juan's member for an extra fee.

Well include in the Tijuana tour, a visit to Hong Kong Club, Adelitas, called Adelita Bar and Chicago Club (among many other bars and places) You will feel safer on your first visits and we will show you how to save time and money. Our Link's Page (check them out) and Home Page (on our website menu below) are open free areas to any visitor.

We have travel info on many world areas, including Thailand, the Philippines, Rio, (Brazil), Amsterdam, Germany, Russia, Costa Rica, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Cuba (Havana) and many other areas and cities.Like I said, all info on this website is strictly informational and what is legal in Tijuana, that any adult 18 years old of age can participate in. Juan's Tijuana was designed to give the new or even veteran Tijuana (TJ) visitor a lot of info to ensure a safe and happy experience in the city of Tijuana.While we provide huge amounts of info on the Tijuana bars including world famous Adelitas with reports and many pics, strip clubs, TJ massage places and legal Mexican service providers, we also have a large amount of information about Tijuana restaurants, Tijuana hotels, Tijuana escorts with lots of pictures, famous Revolucion Blvd., and many other topics. We will detail the many bars in the red light district, including Adelitas, Chicago Club, Las Chavelas, Tropical Bar, Miami Bar, the Hong Kong Club and many others. We detail every place in Tijuana where people like to stay like Las Cascadas, Ticuan, Pueblo Amigo, Villa de Zaragoza among others.Crime and muggings are not uncommon and we hope to give you advice here to help keep you safe.Barkers and hustlers also try to get dollars out of unsuspecting tourists.

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We are strictly a TJ and world informational site where members can learn all about Tijuana (and selected world areas) and exchange information, stories, etc..

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