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Please be aware that all these regulations are subject to change and may depend on the country you’re applying from. Remember to apply well in advance of your move to Riyadh.It may take several months to process your application.In practice, this can mean an anti-Semitic prejudice.Once you have received your visa, clarify for how long it will be valid.So take care to keep your relations with your sponsor or employer as smooth as possible.Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Riyadh time to get the time in these cities.The Saudi Embassy or Consulate in question may offer you a so-called “laissez passer” document to make your travel easier.However, this usually only helps you with entering the country and may then require you to get a Saudi passport before leaving again.

If you are not familiar with it, find out the equivalent in the Gregorian calendar.If you have both the Saudi and another nationality, you will be treated like a Saudi citizen while living in Riyadh.Getting consular help is then extremely difficult or, at times, impossible – enquire beforehand what to do as a person with dual citizenship.Failure to report the loss – or to apply for renewal at least three days before the card expires – can result in fines.Due to the Saudi sponsorship system, your employer may not only apply for an on your behalf, but he may also keep your passport.

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Business travelers should apply for a Business Visa (aka Commercial Visa) to Saudi Arabia.