Help for internet dating and sex addiction

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Help for internet dating and sex addiction

It is - much like alcoholism - characterised by compulsive behaviour, repeated in spite of negative consequences.But without a bottle to hit or a vein to split, how does a love addict get their fix?I have been dating a guy, on and off, for two years and he and I have an explosive sex life.

We know it should relate to and represent closeness, warmth, security, sensuality and intimacy.According to America's National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity, around eight per cent of all Americans can be classified as addicted to sex: that's 18-24 million people.And whilst that seems like the overestimation of a vested-interest organisation, a friend recently mentioned his weekly SLAA meeting in central London and it got me thinking.A disorder usually presumed to be limited to Nervosa, the anorexia spectrum, SLAA says, runs the gamut of deprivation, from nutritional to emotional.It is not limited to disallowing oneself nurture via food, but can also present as an inability to receive nurture through authentic love and intimacy.

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