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She's generally treated well in her hometown of Phimai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Khorat). Even opponents who significantly outweigh her have turned down fights.Sometimes it's clearly a result of her gender identity, but other times, Rose isn't sure why opponents turn down fights.Then I'll take a bet against you.'" Reactions from her opponents are also all over the board. "When we're in the clinch, they'll ask me if I like it, say how close we are and that we've been clinching a long time." Verbal communication between fighters is not uncommon in a Muay Thai fight—one fighter may quietly concede to the other when it's clear a loss on points is inevitable.She's been kissed on the cheek during clinching, or when touching gloves at the start of the fight. But sexualized comments in the clinch are a burden very few fighters report enduring.Rose tries to ignore the comments and unwanted kisses, psychological tactics that make her shy, embarrassed, and angry.Sometimes it's not the opponent who makes disrespectful comments.

Her iridescent satin shorts are customized with her fight name, Rot-Duan, embroidered in gold.

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Eighteen and just out of high school, Rose is approaching her fighting prime. Treatment of trans individuals varies greatly around the country, from basic acceptance and even celebration—some Thai celebrities identify openly as trans—to harsh social and legal discrimination.

She's racked up an estimated 200 to 300 fights since first stepping into the ring at a tiny seven years old. Her brother Lak, their older sister Gael (also a talented fighter in the Isaan circuit), and Gael's husband Gaeng, a prolific fighter in Isaan, Bangkok, and even China, laugh that the youngest, shyest sibling is the most famous fighter in the family. As a trans Muay Thai fighter, Rose receives a mixed reception. They respect me as a fighter." She has friends, fans, and a supportive family. Some fighters have refused to step in the ring with Rose.

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