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Tossing him across the room, kicks him in the gut and ends perched on his shoulders, pinning him to the floor. Close on D'Argo on Moya ( no ep clue ), D'Argo 'stuns' Aeryn ( Family Ties ), D'Argo 'stuns' Zhaan ( Crackers Don't Matter ), D'Argo kicks the crap outta Crais ( Family Ties ), D'Argo in quarters ( no ep clue, nice close on head shot-- tentacles ) D'Argo smacks John around ( Crackers Don't Matter ): John: Get your hands offa me! " D'Argo: "I have no idea why you do anything that you do! I'm only human." John and D'Argo play a 'mature' game ( Family Ties ): John: "One, two, three..." D'Argo: ( laughing ) "Again I win! Paper wraps rock." D'Argo: "Oh, paper cannot possibly beat rock." John: "It does-- paper beats rock." D'Argo: "Rock rips through paper." John: "Well, D'Argo, that's not how it works. D'Argo performs 'best man' duties for John ( Look At The Princess, Part 2: I Do, I Think ): D'Argo: "The time has come for farewells, my friend." John: "Oh, this is not happening.

The 'alien' in the cell takes off a large black helmet, revealing a 'human' female. John: "Hi, uh, my name's John Cr--" Sticking his hand out to shake, she grabs it a proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Claudia enters frame looking extremely sexy in a beautiful long black skirt and a lacy black blouse, dark hair piled elaborately atop her head. The minute this one comes into her life ( indicating Ben, with a tip of her head, frame opens to a two-shot ), she's thrown out of the Peacekeepers. ) On planet-- John and D'Argo 'disagree' ( Till The Blood Runs Clear ): John: "I have no idea what goes on in that tiny little brain of yours, D'Argo! " D'Argo and John take a walk on the wild side-- in space ( Family Ties ).

" Aeryn 'grills' Gilina ( "PK Tech Girl" ) Aeryn: "Chin up! IDB's try to enter Moya ( Through The Looking Glass ) Br'nee's 'death' ( Bone To Be Wild ) John: "What the hell am I looking at?

don't interfere." //COOL STUFF CLIPS: minutes of miscellaneous "Cool Stuff" Clips, about one every 4 seconds.

) Chiana & Rygel DR: CGI, Another close call, this time with a Nebari vessel. ) Zhaan and John do the 'unity thing' ( Rhapsody In Blue ): Zhaan: "I have always wondered what could 'possibly' go on in there." John: "Not a lot.

CGI, A crippled Farscape module comes in for a landing. PREMIERE: EXT CGI, over Earth, the Farscape module launches, beginning it's mission to expand the reach of humankind in space ( hey, it worked! " D'Argo: "Chiana and I are having 'fantastic' sex." ( John & D'Argo laugh-- John is turned into a statue.

LATP2: EXT CGI, planetary defense grid surrounds a 'hostile' cargo vessel. Give me the bad news first." D'Argo: "The bad news is that you're married, and you must endure as a statue for 80 cycles in a strange world." John: "What's the good news?

" John: "Well, catch a clue pal, 'cause I'm tired of stickin' my hand out, only to have you snap at it! Just feel free to wake me up any time, D'Argo." D'Argo: "Well, now I can only speak truth, and that comes as good and bad news." John: "All right.

" Chiana: "No." John: "Then help me understand the collar and the cuffs." Chiana: "Among my people you...

She knows exactly who we are and would consider it her duty to lie to us." John: "Point taken. you're not gonna get your answers." Aeryn: "This is my world, John...

" Rygel: "But it's covered in weapons." //RUN CRAIS/TALYN CLIPS: Aeryn's version of events ( "The Ugly Truth" ): Aeryn: "He's taking over Talyn! " Aeryn: "We have to stay and explain is to the Plokavian authorities!

" ( Aeryn arrives like a heavily armed angel from above. ( "Exodus From Genesis" ): John: "We're stuck together... I want neither." John: "Well, somebody's got to be there when you need it." Aeryn: "No offense human... If we wish to journey beyond our home planet, this...

) Aeryn: "Sorry about the mess." //AERYN CLIPS CONTINUE: John tries to get to know Aeryn a little better, help her with some advice... " Pilot: "My species is incapable of space flight on our own.

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Aeryn blows 'everyone away' with handy pulse rifle ( "Back, and Back, and Back, to the Future" ): John: "No! " ( Aeryn runs through the dark corridors of the Zelbinion, big gun slung over shoulder.

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