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Windows form control validating validated

Clipping and slicing planes are allowed to move along with the axis or in any direction. Users can define single or multiple isosurfaces of a model using a constant value, such as pressure, temperature, or velocity.

It allows users to output the most significant results they are interested in, which also highly lightens file size.

Moldex3D Viewer is a free communication tool that enables users to visualize Moldex3D’s analysis results easily and quickly. Users can view pros and cons of all simulations and share more specific identification with their collaborative teams, such as part designers, mold makers, tooling engineers, partners, or customers worldwide.

Moldex3D Viewer offers a comprehensive communication platform that helps users enhance efficiency of design verification and optimization. Users now can export various analysis results from Moldex3D Project as a compact RSV file, then importing it into Viewer.

It also contains topology and geometry information of a model.

Users can easily share this kind of compact file with their companies or customers.

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